Merry Xmas to ALL from Marty & Leo!

Marty & Leo are bringing ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ to screens on Christmas Day!

After ALL the power & the passion, ALL the behind-the-scenes drama & pain of racing through edits to make the deadline — Marty — against all odds & many naysaying haters — managed NOT ONLY to ween it down to 2 hrs. 45 min., kept his R-rating, (avoiding the dreaded NC-17) but also pushed his ‘Wolf’ to the front of the Oscar line by securing a Christmas Day release!

I know I’m excited — (!).

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is based on the true story of — Jordan Belfort — a very crooked, very preppy, very gangsta’, wheeling & dealing stockbroker — played by Leo DiCaprio — in 1980’s New York whose meteoric rise to the top fuelled by corruption, sex, greed, excesses, drugs & alcohol, make his fall all the more spectacular.

Kudos to Marty & Merry Christmas to ALL!

Here’s a look at the SWEET Trailer:
The Wolf of Wall Street


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