Aunt Bea’s

2013 Autumn Collection

2013 Autumn Collection

For as long as I can remember, my Aunt Bea has always talked about wanting to open up a flower shop.

I remember countless family gatherings over the years, where she would show up with the most beautiful floral arrangements. Births. Christenings. Holidays. Birthdays. Graduations. Weddings. Hospital visits. Teen break-ups. Funerals. Or just because.

The family chatter was always sprinkled with her *magical business ideas — some of which rubbed off on me.

Every arrangement was custom-made –with-love for the Lucky recipient.

One of my favorite ‘Gifts by Aunt Bea’ was a Get-Well Basket when I was 13. I’d been sick with bronchitis, ordered to stay home from school. My Gift Basket was filled with cheerful daisies, chamomile tea, cookies, keychain Teddy Bear, and a girly book for Teens.

If there was an event of any sort, THAT was my Aunt Bea’s shining moment — and she sparkled like a star!

At her recent Retirement Party, someone asked her what she wanted to do next. Without missing a beat, she replied, ” I want to open up a flower shop! “.

Now 70 years young, she is living her dream.

Trace Entertainment is proud to present ‘Aunt Bea’s: Floral Designs & Special Events’ — A Lucky venture sprinkled with love, flowers, gifts and *magic.


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