‘How I Met Your Mother’ is DUNZO by Trace De La Torre

mother 9 promo 4 COVER PIC!!! While reading the International Business Times online this morning, I stumbled upon a Spoilers piece on ‘the big reveal’ where we finally meet ‘the mother’.

I don’t know about you, but I was ready to meet ‘the mother’ 2 seasons ago.

After that didn’t happen I stopped watching.  Tuned out.  They lost me.  I was DUNZO.

I had decided to put ‘How I Met Your Mother’ up on my DVR shelf where eventually, all shows that lose me end up collecting what I coined — ‘digital dust’long after their expiration dates.

When a show grabs me, I invest real time, watching it LIVE — I endure the commercials — for me, it’s the purest way to watch quality television.

So when I saw the show veering off the path, baiting us with crumbs into the deep woods of everyone else’s lives, relationships, careers, and overall nonsense, I felt like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ — DUPED.

The writers had sidelined Ted.  josh radnor 2nd fiddle    mother london phone booth

While ‘How I Met Your Mother’ always intended to be an ensemble piece obviously aiming to be the next ‘Friends’, they completely missed the mark and confused audiences when they took turns writing EPIC starring roles for the rest of the characters.                                                                                          josh radnor sidelined promo             mother baby  mother halloween                      mother barney borat

At the start of the series, Josh Radnor, as Ted,  was the indisputable star; but by the 3rd season, I was completely discombobulated by all the shenanigans distracting from the central story: Ted meeting his future wife — mother of his children.

neil p harris promo Barney became larger than life.  His overbearing, lothario, attorney character took former Dougie Howser M.D. star — Neil Patrick Harris —  to an entirely different universe.  harris tonys   nph all american promo  harris emmy

After the successful 2005 series debut, Harris publicly affirmed his gay status, joined Daddyhood via surrogate twins, and married David Burtka.  He hosted the Tonys in 2009, 2011, 2012 AND 2013 — which earned him 3 Emmys for Hosting 2010-2013.  Named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2010, he got his Star on the Hollywood Star Walk of Fame in 2011, and became Elton John’s BFF.

alyson with mug promo Jason Segel promo Marshall & Lily became the Ricky & Lucy — (from 1950’s comedy show I Love Lucy) — of the East Coast.  They even moved to the suburbs for heaven’s sake! Their rising stars propelled — Jason Segel — onto big screen in one of my fave Rom-coms, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, leading to roles in other films such as, I Love You Man; Despicable Me; The Muppets — as well as his 1st BIG Celebrity Romance with Dawson’s Creek cutie & Heath Ledger ex — Michelle Williams.  The role of Lily took — Alyson Hannigan — back to the big screen in Date Movie (2006) and reprising her role as ‘Michelle’ in American Reunion (2012) — as well as entering Mommyhood while battling her own real-life stalker.

muppets promo    sarah marshal poster Des me promo i love you man promo

american pie 2 promo      american pie reunion promo date movie

Although Ted made — Josh Radnor — a household name in the Emmy Winning series, it seems as though very much like Ted, Josh’s career got sidelined — anyone remember his Writer-Director turns in happythankyoumoreplease (2010) and Liberal Arts (2012) from Sundance…? Exactly.

josh radnor promo

Already full-swing into it’s 9th and FINAL season (applause! applause!) after its hourlong  opener on Sept. 23rd — the series seems to be giving us even MORE crumbs and leading us even FURTHER into the woods by showing how each of the friends comes into contact with ‘the mother’ even BEFORE Ted meets her. 

                     milloti promo 2      milloti promo 1  

Honestly, the fact that we’re going to be teased into one big crescendo leading up to ‘the big meet’ is pretty depressing for a show I invested 6 seasons watching.

It’s quite staggering that we’re getting such a short amount of time to know the woman who is supposed to be SO  pivotal to Ted’s life — and the series.

While the focal point of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ should have been EXACTLY thatTed meeting ‘the mother’ and watching that relationship buildup to the THEIR big Wedding — it seems to have lost its way into the great big forest of sitcoms.

My hope for the series finale is that the writers do right by the fans and actually make the ending as epic as it first started.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ is on weekly Mondays 8 p.m. ET on CBS

Just in case the series is collecting ‘digital dust’ in your DVR — here’s a look at the Season 9 Promo: 

Revenge S3: The Death. The Drama. The Big Reveals. by-Trace De La Torre

Revenge S3 promo If there was ANY doubt ABC’s Hampton’s hit ‘Revenge’ would be back with a vengeance after a second season fraught with distracting “meh” episodes, tonight’s 3rd Season opener is out to prove us deadly wrong.

The ‘Revenge”-tastic drama is rumored to be so explosive this season that it will make or break Emily Thorne.


– We got our hearts broken when Declan died after being trapped in a building Conrad had rigged with explosives, resulting with his brother Jack plotting his murder — what sweet dish of revenge will be served up to him cold…? Grayson for Gov

– Emily revealed her true identity to childhood love, Jack — will he embrace her with open arms, or recoil in disgust at the deception…?                                                                                                                           Jack & Emily

-Victoria’s long-lost son ‘Patrick’ comes knocking at her door — WHO is he…and why now…?

Victoria's Son

– Nerdy tech friend & foe, Nolan, was arrested for terrorism as a suspect in Padma’s death — will he go to jail?!

Nolan Ross S2

‘Revenge’ Season 3 premieres tonight — Sept. 29 at 9pm ET on ABC.  revenge s3

Here’s an exclusive vid to help refresh your memory as to where we left off with Emily & the gang:

Revenge 2 Blackout 

Here’s the FULLY LOADED 3rd Season Trailer:      Revenge 3 poster