‘Nymphomaniac’: More Psychotherapy than Porn? – by Trace De La Torre

Nympho  ‘Nymphomaniac’ doesn’t stir my loins. Then again, maybe Lars von Trier isn’t so much going for the titillating as he is for the psycho-neurotic.

‘Nymphomaniac’ — Lars von Trier’s most controversial film to date — is being touted as a  ‘poetic’ journey into the sexual history of a woman from the moment she is born until she reaches a sexually violent crescendo at the age of 50.

The story unravels in an 8 Chapter-Sexual-Odyssey told in first person narrative by ‘sexually afflicted’ title character, ‘Joe’ (Charlotte Gainsbourg) after she is rescued bloodied, battered, and near death — by passing stranger, ‘Selig’,  (Stellan Skarsgard) in a dark alley.

If the 3 enigmatic Trailers released — so far — are anything to go by, the audience might be disappointed if this two-part movie — YES, there will be a sequel — is more Psychotherapy than porn.

Then again, for all the hype of illicit, REAL SEX Shia LaBeouf — ‘Ch. 2: Jerome’ — and fellow cast mates are engaging in, (and we’re promised there will be A LOT)  let’s hope Lars’ teasing goes deeper and delivers both without numbing the audience.

‘Nymphomaniac’ — NOT yet Rated — hits theatres in Denmark on Christmas Day.


With no U.S. release dates yet announced — if you’re traveling through Europe this winter here’s a list of countries whose screens you can riffle to in 2014 — Happy New Year!

France: Jan. 1st – Netherlands: Jan. 9th – Poland: Jan. 10th

Hungary: Jan. 16th – Sweden: Jan. 31st – Germany: Feb. 27th

Here’s a look at the 3 ‘Nymphomaniac’ Trailers:

Compleat Angler Ch. 1:  “The Compleat Angler”   

Jerome Ch. 2: ” Jerome” (Shia LaBeouf)

Mrs. H Ch. 3:  “Mrs. H”  (Uma Thurman)